Filling executive branch cyber posts [Video]

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President Trump has expressed a desire to improve the United States’ cyber capability. Here is a list of key administration posts that might affect such a policy:

White House

Counterterrorism and Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert previously served a similar role in the Bush administration. This position is not Senate-confirmable.

Defense Department

The under secretary of defense for policy advises the secretary of defense on the development and execution of national defense policy and strategy.

The deputy assistant secretary of defense for cyber policy is responsible for support the under secretary, developing and overseeing the implementation of cyber-related policies, strategies and plans, ensuring stability, and achieving certain objectives.

The chief information officer manages the DoD’s IT infrastructure and policy. This role is more responsible for cybersecurity rather than generating cyber effects; though, cybersecurity plays an important role in overall deterrence through deterrence by denial — hardening systems to the point that adversaries will not succeed in penetrating them, thus making intrusion attempts futile.

State Department

As the tip of the spear, this position coordinates U.S. cyber and related diplomatic efforts with other nations, and also serves as a White House liaison on global cyber matters.

Treasury Department

The Obama administration viewed financial sanctions as a critical tool in responding to and deterring malicious cyber activity from other nations.

Justice Department

Mary McCord’s predecessor, John Carlin, made this post a critical component within the previous administration’s cyber architecture and deterrence strategy by establishing a regime to indict foreign officials that have conducted malicious cyber operations against the United States.

Intelligence Community

Dan Coats will serve as a coordinator across the IC. As was seen with the previous director of national intelligence, as it related to the alleged Russian hacking, the IC has an important role to play in offering attribution to the White House so the president can identify responsible parties and take further action.