US Secret Service trains Estonia to handle cyber threats


Then-U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, front right, exchanges greetings with Mikk Marran, the permanent secretary of defense of the Estonian Ministry of Defense, upon arriving in Tallinn, Estonia, June 22, 2015. (DoD photo by Air Force Master Sgt. Adrian Cadiz)

TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — Estonia has teamed up with the U.S. Secret Service ahead of its first European Union presidency to train local officials to handle cyber threats — the greatest of which comes from Russia, according to the nation’s foreign intelligence service.

Martin Motus, spokesman for the Estonian government’s cybersecurity agency RIA, says members of the U.S. agency held a week-long training course “to share best practices” ahead of the six-month presidency that starts in July. Estonia joined the EU in 2004.

Separately, the head of Estonia’s foreign intelligence service, Mikk Marran, said Wednesday that Russia was “the greatest source of a threat” to Estonia in cyberspace because Estonia is a member of both the EU and NATO.

Marran added that the probability of a Russian military attack against NATO is low.