Milwaukee’s first cybersecurity center established at Marquette


Marquette University (Photo Credit: Daniela Ziebell via Wikipedia Commons)

Marquette University has established the first cybersecurity center in Milwaukee, said a report in the Journal Sentinel.

“We’re preparing the workforce to handle the cybersecurity issues of the future,” said Tomas Kaczmarek, director of the university’s masters of science in computing program.

The Center for Cyber Security Awareness and Cyber Defense is one of a kind in the area, said the university.

“We have a recognition on campus here that security and privacy are important and it’s not just about receiving a good technical education,” Kaczmarek said. “There’s a need for people to understand and share knowledge because we know the criminals are sharing knowledge.”

The center will be affiliated with the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Science and Marquette’s computer science department to help prepare students for professions in cybersecurity, said the Sentinel.

“There’s nothing more exciting than cybersecurity right now,” said Matt Little, a Marquette alum working in cybersecurity.

“Everyone who uses a computer for their job can benefit from this kind of training,” he said.