Virginia State Police email service still offline after malware attack


Photo Credit: Virginia State Police

Virginia State Police was forced to shut down its email service on Wednesday due to malware affecting the agency’s network.

State Police spokeswoman Corrine N. Geller said in an email sent out earlier this week that email service would be shut down from 8 pm Wednesday through noon Thursday, according to The Virginia Pilot.

On Thursday at 12:33, the department tweeted that email service was still unavailable, despite the Thursday deadline.

The State Police told Fifth Domain that email service was still offline Friday. The agency hopes to have email service restored sometime this weekend, although it remains unclear when exactly email service can be expected back online.

The malware has affected the agency’s ability to update its Virginia Sex Offender and Crimes Against Children Registry website. Police are working with the Virginia Information Technologies Agency and Northrup Grumman to identify, contain and eradicate the malware.

The Virginia State Police remains available and urges anyone to call 9-11 during an emergency, or to call their cell phone emergency line by dialing #77 on any cell phone. Additionally, state police headquarters and area offices remain open through regular business hours.